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Senior Savvy Starts At Home

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Project Somebody


Senior Savvy 2019  (Youth Corps Singapore)


5th October 2019


The Red Box, 113 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238165


Senior Savvy Starts at Home was a workshop to encourage young adults to care for seniors, starting at home. Through interactive games and activities, the participants reflected on their relationship and understanding of their older family members. At the end of the session, participants made a personalised card to invite their family to spend time together. The cards were mailed out on their behalf as a surprise gift to their loved ones at home. 

About Project Somebody

Project Somebody is a ground-up initiative that help the senior citizens to live their golden ages with dignity. The first step to achieve this is to promote intergenerational bonding – within the family and even beyond the bloodline. We hope to strengthen the values of filial piety (孝, xiào) in our society and pass on the knowledge through the generations. 


Toolkit in use

An Invitation to Bond

A workshop kit to create DIY personalised cards for loved ones. 

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