Knowledge & Frameworks


Explore and learn about the philosophy of intergenerational design. The guidelines and frameworks presented will shed light on the theories and motivations behind our approaches. 

What is Intergenerational Design?

Intergenerational design is the practice of creating something that is appropriate and suitable for anyone regardless of age. 

The widening generation gap is becoming a salient issue in our society. The deterioration in our intergenerational relationships has led to poor perceptions of ageing and pervasive ageism in our society. Ultimately, this contributes largely to the negative narratives of old age, reinforcing the poor mindsets towards ageing and the aged.

Studies have provided considerable evidence that positive intergenerational contact would be mutually beneficial to older adults as well as young adults and children. To curb ageism, we need to make the necessary social change; to correct our thinking. 

The concept of intergenerational design aims to provide opportunities for positive intergenerational contact to occur, to create new positive narratives of ageing, to educate our communities, and update our knowledge of old age. 



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