Ageless Dreams

Key Info
Level of Difficulty


Suggested Uses

Cultural probe, family activity

Suggested Timing

15 – 30 minutes

Things You May Need

Building blocks, coloured markers, pen, papers


Ageless Dreams is designed as cultural probe to enable the younger generations to discover the inner dreams, desires, and needs of their older family members. This activity kit can be used on community groups as well. Structures and drawings are created by the target group using building blocks and craft materials. 

  • To promote intergenerational understanding through learning about the inner thoughts of the target audience
  • To assist older adults overcome the barrier of sharing or expressing themselves
  1. Start the activity with a short conversation on the subject of dreams and aspirations with the participants.
  2. Use the building blocks to build structures to represent your dreams using the building blocks or draw them using the coloured markers and paper
  3. You may provide your participants with prompts if they need suggestions. 
  4. Have a closing discussion with the participants on their creations. 
  1. You may join the participants and assist them in the creation of the artefacts. 
  2. Maintain a positive and optimistic environment. 


Create a questionnaire to collect qualitative responses from your target group. You may use the template provided. 


Prepare the craft materials required for the session. 

Collective Dreams

What is your Dream?

These ageless dreamer are ready to show the world that you’re never too old to start chasing your dreams. Send us your unique creations and get featured by tagging us @intergendesign and using the hashtag #AgelessDreams on Instagram. 

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