An Invitation to Bond

Key Info
Level of Difficulty


Suggested Uses

Community workshop, children activity

Suggested Duration

30 – 60 minutes

Things You May Need

Craft papers, coloured markers, envelopes, stamps


An Invitation to Bond is a kit that enables youths to create a personalised invitation card to their loved ones. The card would be a thoughtful gift for youths to show appreciation for parents and grandparents. The session can be done individually or in a workshop setting. 

Co-developed with Project Somebody

  • To empower the younger generations to take the first step in improving their current familial relationships. 
  • To provide more opportunities to improve family communication. 
  1. Conduct an interactive activity that could elicit nostalgic reflection among participants. They could be reminded of past family memories. 
  2. Participants would think of an activity that you would like to invite their family member(s) to do together. 
  3. Use the craft materials to create the invitation card (alternate option: make an appreciation card). 
  4. Place the completed card into an envelope and mail it out. 
  1. Not everyone is closed with their family members. Be mindful of participants with poor family relationships. 
  2. You can collect the completed cards by the participants and mail them out for them. 


Prepare an interactive activity with the aim to reminisce on family memories. The activity could include conversational story sharing or looking at old photos.

Recommendation: Download the Print-and-Play version of the SIMI Game. The game instructions and materials needed are included in the document. The game is suitable to be used as a group activity or in a workshop setting. 


Prepare the craft materials required for the session. 

Toolkit in Action

Senior Savvy Starts at Home

An interactive workshop to influence the young generations to be more mindful of their current familial relationships.