Memory Catcher

Key Info
Level of Difficulty

Slightly complex

Suggested Uses

Family activity, children activity

Suggested Timing

No time limit

Things You May Need

Construction materials (plywood, acrylic board etc.), 10-sec sound recorder, scent tube, craft materials (tags, coloured markers, strings etc.), strong glue


Memory Catcher is a device (prototype) that stimulates an interactive activity for families to unearth hidden narratives and past memories together. Family values and dreams could be collectively displayed on this family tree in visual, auditory, or olfactory forms. The display would serve as a visual reminder of the love, the memories, and the dreams of the family. The artefacts on the tree should evolve over time. 

  • To provide an avenue for families to create a shared language within the household
  • To enable families to share and preserve cherished memories
  1. Place the family tree at a prominent place in the house. 
  2. Use the prompts to assist the participants in searching for old artefacts or creating new representations of them. 
  3. Visual — Display small objects on the branches (meaningful mementos, handicrafts etc.). 
  4. Auditory — Record using the 10-sec sound recorder (personal voice messages, favourite song etc.). 
  5. Olfactory — Place a fragrance that your family likes into the scent tube (essential oils, fresh flowers etc.). 
  1. Encourage your target group to be creative and just use the device as they like; there is no right or wrong way. 


The device is currently a prototype and not a finished product. You may use our design by downloading the AI file here. The file has been configured to be sent for laser cutting. 

Recommendation: Construct a simplified version of the family tree using craft materials (foam board, cardboard, corrugated plastic board etc.)


After laser cutting, assemble the device using this assembly guide.


Use our sample list of prompts or design your own to help bring up ideas for your participants during the activity.

Collective Family Trees

Family Forest

Each family tree is different, just like how every family is unique. Create your own your family tree and get it featured by tagging us @intergendesign and using the hashtag #MemoryCatcher on Instagram.